Bending Granite

                                                   Leading Change with Purpose       

30 + True Stories about Leading Change

These real stories of positive change share the hope that we can make things better, even if you must bend granite to make it happen.

This book is for practitioners of change:

  • Team leaders and committee chairs
  • Managers and supervisors at all levels
  • CEOs, Board Members, and executive leadership
  • Consultants
  • Educators, trainers, and students
  • Anyone working to create change for the better

This book can teach and inspire you as you work to create positive change in your organization.

Stories to inspire positive change

We’re Not Coming Back

We’re Not Coming Back

Tom Mosgaller visits with David Couper on his farm in south-central Wisconsin. Listen as David conveys how quality methods were presented to him, how he introduced these principles into a police culture, and what he and they learned and accomplished together.

People in the System

People in the System

Kathleen Paris, a Bending Granite author, reads her story “Disaster at the Ritzy Restaurant.” She shares a memorable experience that has steered her approach to leading change for many years. Listen as Kathleen focuses on the importance of people in the system.

Consider sharing your story with our community

The 30+ authors of this book have all been agents of change. They are difference-makers passionate about their organizations who persistently and patiently managed to shape but not break the businesses they loved.

Because you are driven to help your organization or community improve its operations, services, products, and relationships, we share these stories for you to read.

Many of you are leading change and we believe you want to make a difference.

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Resources and Tools

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