About the Authors

The 30+ authors of Bending Granite cross many categories. They come from industry, government, education, healthcare, private and public companies, armed services, families, farms, and more.

They have all been agents of change. And they have the bruises and scars to prove it.

They are difference-makers passionate about their organizations and persistently and patiently nudged them forward day by day, one improvement at a time—no big bang, no instant pudding, no quick fixes here.

Only through the steady tap, tap, tap on their individual pieces of granite could they shape but not break the organizations they loved.



The Authors Alphabetical Include:

Matt Albert                   Kathleen Paris

Turina Bakken               Terri Potter

Dave Boyer                   Ben Reynolds

Jim Bradley                   Joe Sensenbrenner

Cathy Caro-Bruce        Greg Simmons

Maury Cotter                Janice  Smith

David Couper                Paul Soglin

Karen  Crossley             Kurt Southworth

Dave  Gustafson           Jim St. Vincent

Tim Hallock                   Connie Thompson

Kara Kracowiz               Guy Van Rensselaer

Denis Leonard               John Wiley

Kent Lesandrini             Michael Williamson

Kevin Little                    Luis Yudice

Tom Mosgaller            


About the Book Compilers


These seven friends and colleagues from the Madison, Wisconsin, quality improvement movement wrote their own stories, preface, epilogue, and introductions to the seven chapters in this book. They also contacted, encouraged, and helped the other twenty-two contributors to tell their own stories.

Compiling Authors

Tom Mosgaller originated the idea for this book. A lifelong community organizer, Tom guides people to take charge and address the inequities around them. He is a change agent by nature and a leader by nurture. He served as the City of Madison’s Director of Quality and Productivity and president of the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Maury Cotter led the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s strategy and improvement efforts for twenty-five years. Maury co-founded and led an international network for change (NCCI) among universities and continues to consult, write, and paddle.

Tim Hallock is a certified quality expert, trainer, and coach dedicated to unleashing the improvement talents of front-line employees. Tim is a performance excellence enthusiast who has supported the Baldrige National Quality and Wisconsin Forward awards as an applicant, examiner, instructor, and judge.

Kathleen A. Paris, Ph.D. author, consultant, and facilitator assists organizations in planning for new realities and improving their systems. Kathleen has consulted internationally and is the author of Bringing Your Strategic Plan to Life: A Guide for Nonprofits and Public Agencies.

Michael Williamson led complex public sector organizations for forty-one years, including founding groundbreaking improvement initiatives for the City of Madison, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and State of North Carolina. Michael serves on numerous boards, where he helps bring order out of chaos.

Organizers and Consultants

Dave Boyer, an engineer by training, spent most of his career as the CEO and CEO/Owner of two manufacturing companies.  Now retired, Dave continues to serve on the Board of Directors of three companies, two of which are 100% employee-owned.

Guion (Guy) Van Rensselaer has over thirty years of organizational development experience in the public sector and executive education. Guy combines those skills with curiosity and applies them to many endeavors—including language, sailing, forest restoration, writing, and cultural exchange.